How the Covid-19 pandemic will transform hiring and talent hunt

Suresh Kumar C, Director - People Team, Vuram
Suresh Kumar C, Director – People Team, Vuram

By Suresh Kumar CThe Covid-19 pandemic[1] and the corresponding lockdown have metamorphosed the global job markets. This is the ideal time for talent leaders to set out a plan and equip themselves for hiring in the post-pandemic world. They must learn from their experiences during the lockdown and re-evaluate hiring strategies to scour for the right talent[2]. Many companies will still rely on remote workforces until the pandemic is over, and until it is safe for employees to return to the office.

As organisations continue to work from home, remote hiring is the new future in a post-pandemic world. The recruitment[3] strategies have to be amended accordingly. Therefore, it is important to have multiple channels open to ensure continuous and effective communication with the candidates.

Digital Interviews[4]Video interviews[5] have been popular among HR managers[6] at large companies. Conference calls, in-person interviews, and standard face-to-face meetings are now happening online. Employers who had been hitherto relying on traditional in-person or telephonic interviews will have to switch to digital interviews. Now that the pandemic has put restrictions on many activities, including movement, we will see more hiring managers investing and relying heavily on virtual interviewing technology to maintain the pace of recruiting efforts. As interviews, campus drives, and onboarding have to happen virtually, technology adoption through Zoom, Google Hangouts and Skype will help the recruitment teams to connect with the candidates and conduct interviews without any hassle. Digital interviewing will continue to play a vital role in providing recruiters with the tools needed to hire in the post-pandemic world.

Recruitment Marketing[7]

Businesses across the globe have been benefitting significantly from recruitment marketing by letting the job seekers know about current openings in the company. Great talent is a powerful source of competitive advantage in business, and advertisements about job vacancies give companies the ability to attract the best. This talent acquisition strategy will play a more important role as companies can ensure the public about their growth and effective performance despite the pandemic. Moreover, it is important to interview, hire, onboard and train all the new joiners remotely.

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