Recruitment automation tool drives down cost-per-hire by 71%, powered by AI

A new recruitment program from SmartRecruiters and Ideal automates time-consuming tasks to quickly move top candidates through the recruiting process.


Image: iStockphoto/Jirsak

The hiring process is about to get automated. On Tuesday, SmartRecruiters and Ideal announced a partnership[1] that will bring Ideal’s[2] artificial intelligence (AI)-powered recruiting software to the SmartRecruiters Marketplace recruiting tool, available immediately.

The tool uses AI to automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks and quickly move top candidates through the recruiting process, according to a press release. The technology can instantly screen and shortlist new candidates, search through past candidates who would be a good fit for a new role, and automate candidate contacts to determine their interest.

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“There are three major barriers to efficient candidate engagement,” said Somen Mondal, CEO and co-founder of Ideal, in the press release. “To begin with, employers can’t re-engage the gold mine of past applicants already in their ATS. Secondly, overwhelmed by the sheer number of applications they receive, up to 65% of their resumes go untouched. Finally, the initial outreach process is extremely time-consuming and inconsistent. Ideal’s AI quickly solves all these problems and all within the SmartRecruiters interface.”

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Customers using the new tool have, on average, tripled their qualified candidates and reduced cost per hire by 71%, according to the press release. They have also increased overall recruiter productivity by 3.7 times.

Automating these tasks can free up recruiters and hiring managers for the higher level work involved in hiring, such as interviewing. It can also give companies an edge in finding and hiring top talent before the competition does, according to the release.

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