SAP offers CXOs new roadmap for digital transformation, upgraded tools for recruiting


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on May 16, 2017, 6:07 AM PST

SAP recently expanded its Digital Commerce portfolio, making its products more accessible and increasing efforts to boost innovation among customers.

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On Monday, SAP

announced an expansion

of its efforts in commerce, messaging, and leadership as part of a greater initiative to help customers in their pursuit of digital transformation.

“To help customers maneuver through the changes brought on by it, SAP is unveiling new offerings: services that expand SAP’s digital commerce portfolio beyond software, content and data; programmable digital interfaces that enable customers to embed new services into their communications mix; and tools to set the course for successful digital transformation,” Jonathan Becher, chief digital officer of SAP, said in a press release.


Digital Transformation: A CXO’s Guide


Digital commerce essentially refers to how customers buy and consume SAP products and services. SAP’s SuccessFactors, which provides human resources tools and analytics, will be offered as

seven different packaged solutions

. While these were previously only offered as part of a larger package, the release said, they will now be available independently.

More for CXOs

SAP’s recruiting solution, WorkConnect, is also getting an update in the form of new capabilities such as product documentation, how-to information, and troubleshooting tips, the release said. In the summer, the company will also be launching an online job board for professionals with SAP skills called

Additionally, SAP announced the SAP App Center, a smaller marketplace for microservices and plugins that will act as a complement to the existing SAP Store, the release said.

For messaging and connectivity, SAP’s Digital Interconnect team has launched a new set of APIs for customers to embed capabilities like SMS, email, and push notifications, the release said. Also, a new service called SAP IoT Connect 365 will help customers manage IoT devices and their data, while SAP People Connect 365 will offer improved multichannel communications for employees responding to everyday tasks or major disasters.

For companies that are journeying toward digital transformation, SAP launched version 2.0 of its Digital Innovation and Transformation Assessment. The expanded assessment is getting a facelift, and can be used to help CXOs build their road map for digital transformation.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

SAP is upgrading its efforts in digital commerce, offering new ways to consume its SuccessFactors services.

SAP’s WorkConnect recruiting tool is getting new features and a new online job board for those with SAP skills.

Version 2.0 of the Digital Innovation and Transformation Assessment has also launched, giving CXOs a way to map their digital journey.

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